About Bivona & Cohen

With attorneys possessing more than 37 years of experience in legal defense, New York City law firm Bivona & Cohen, P.C. offers representation in insurance-related cases and a host of other matters. The array of cases for which Bivona & Cohen has provided representation over the years includes simple car collisions, catastrophic accidents, and malpractice cases. Bivona & Cohen specializes in personal injury and wrongful death cases, insurance coverage and liability, construction and labor law, professional and medical malpractice, environmental and pharmaceutical litigation, as well as security and products liability. As personal injury attorneys, Bivona & Cohen represents a myriad of clients, including corporations, individuals, small business owners, and insurance carriers.

Bivona & Cohen strives to provide cost-effective and aggressive representation. Bivona & Cohen handpicks a team of attorneys from its staff, each one chosen for his or her specialized knowledge. With this team, Bivona & Cohen stays with its clients from case inception to conclusion, seeking the most positive outcomes. Backing the attorneys at Bivona & Cohen is a roster of private investigators and litigation support specialists, researching all details in the cases to protect the client from unnecessary damages.

Since its establishment in 1974, Bivona & Cohen has focused on defense litigation, with a goal of providing both high-quality defense and trial advocacy alongside affordable legal preparation. Understanding that cost is a major concern for most clients, Bivona & Cohen always offers various options in resolving cases both in and out of court, including mediation, arbitration, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Bivona & Cohen utilizes the latest and emerging technologies and techniques in its legal strategies, and works closely with its support staff to further cost-cutting measures. At Bivona & Cohen, attorneys maintain a focus on reaching the goals of their clients, at the lowest cost possible.

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